So You Want To Design Invitations

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I absolutely hate hearing people say, “I’m not creative!” In the word’s of the great Maury Povich, “The test results have determined, that is a lie.” We are ALL creative! 

We were not all created from something? To go from tiny cells into the the living, walking, talking expansive beings that we are, is that not a creation? To me, it’s the ultimate creation and that tells me, CREATIVITY LIVES IN US. It’s the coding of who we are. It’s not exclusive to art. It’s in the way we problem solve, or come up with dinner, or put on our makeup but let’s reign in that existentialism for now. 

Beauty is the thing that speaks to you, that moves you and makes you feel alive. It’s not a word or image, but a feeling. 

I love this era of time we find ourselves in––this luxury of art––where creating beautiful things sits on a pedestal in our culture. This is not to be confused with the quest for perfection. I find that rather limiting. Beauty is whatever you deem it to be and specific to each person no matter how weird or different. In fact, the more weird or different, the better! 

I know it can be overwhelming when you see so much brilliant art and design all around you but that must never deter you from contributing. The fact still remains, everybody has to start somewhere and I want to help. 

Often times, I take for granted all of the things I’ve learned over the years. I’ve been designing for almost ten years now and constantly find myself needing to learn new things. I’ll have friends ask me their illustrator, photoshop or indesign questions and I’ll either reply with a “That’s easy! Here’s what you do…” or the complete opposite end of the spectrum with, “I haven’t ever come across that, let me see what I can find…” and begin a google journey to emerge with a new solution I hadn’t been aware of before. 

It’s the that’s easy’s and the where do I even start’s that bring me here today.  I want to dedicate my time and resources into helping YOU learn how to create. This isn’t about artistic talent but self expression. Some of you may be much better technical artist’s than I and I’m all for that! 

My background is a bit non-traditional or what I’ve been coming to find out more and more, is the new traditional in that I didn’t go to college to become a graphic designer. I don’t even have a college degree. I started out as a 19 year old with three night classes from a community college: Illustrator, InDesign and Typography. I got a job at my then soon-to-be husband’s family company as a “Graphic Design Intern” and assisted with menial assignments that grew into more complex projects and expanded my knowledge in a way I’m so thankful for nor could a class have taught me. Ten years later, I’m actually still at the company, albeit no longer married, and handle all marketing and design related projects. No more “intern” in that job title here! 

I’m aware there are a million different tutorials for nearly every design program out there. My goal here is to share the knowledge I’ve gathered specifically in regards to design and invitations. I’m going to get REAL basic here. This is for those people that love to make and create art, but want to do more with it. If you already have an understanding of design programs, this may come across a bit pedantic, but you may find yourself more interested in the print elements later on.  If you find that this may not be geared to your learning style, that’s perfectly fine! There are so many great resources out there, some of which I’ll link in the future. 

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This will be the kindergarten of photoshop to show you how I build a final invitation from individual painted elements. I’ll start a step by step guide of what goes into my invitations from painting to scanning to photoshop to design to print. There’s a lot but I’m happy to share. Most of this I've leared on my own and plucked from several different sites. The amount of times I “reinvented” the wheel because I couldn’t find anything specific telling me how something was made, is too many times to count. 

I’m not a keeper of secrets. I’m a sharer of knowledge. If I can help you on your design journey, then I’m happy. I’ll going to start with my process of designing painted invitations. More specifically, how to carry your art from concept to print. 

So follow along, add this to your blog roll, email subscriptions or tattoo it on your arm so you don’t forget. 

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